Belmont Minor Soccer Association

Mini Soccer - Rules of the Game

The Belmont Minor Soccer Association would like to remind Parents, Coaches

and players of the importance of fair play, patience, understanding and positive

reinforcement during every soccer game.

The Teams

1. Players required equipment shall consist of shorts, socks, shin guards, soccer shoes, and a numbered shirt.

2. Each team will consist of 7 players on the field, one player being a goalkeeper. (goalkeeper may

wear a goalie shirt)

3. A team must field a minimum of 5 players to begin any game.

4. All players must be registered in the BMSA soccer program.

5. All players must be given equal playing time/sitting time-REGARDLESS OF SKILL.

6. Teams will be required to switch ends at half-time.

7. Substitutions will be allowed under the following conditions:

a) during a stoppage

b) if any player is injured

c) or as requested by coaches, upon consent of the referee. An agreement of the substitution time-frame is to be agreed upon by both coaches and the referee prior to the commencement of play

The Play

1. Unless otherwise specified by BMSA rules, FIFA rules apply.

2. All games will consist of 2x25 minute halves with a 5-10 minute break for half-time.

3. All Monday games will be preceded by a 20-30-minute practice starting at 6:00 and to be immediately followed by a game. Games should start no later than 6:30pm. Games are 25-minute halves with a 5-10-minute half time break.

4. The referee will decide which team will get the first ball. The home team (the team named

second in the schedule) will choose which end to defend.

5. Ball size for all games and practices will be SIZE 4 BALL.

6. The offside rule does not apply.

7. Throw-ins will be afforded a second opportunity for retake if first try incorrect. (I.e. Foot foul)

8. If any player commits any of the following offences the foul committed will be penalized by the awarding of a free-kick to the opposing team:

a) kicks or attempts to kick an opponent

b) trips or attempts to trip an opponent

c) Jumps at an opponent

d) Charges an opponent

e) Strikes or attempts to strike an opponent

f) Holds an opponent

g) Pushes an opponent

h) Handles the ball deliberately, (except a goalkeeper from within his own penalty area).

i) Tackles an opponent to gain possession of the ball, making contact with the opponent before touching the ball

Should a player commit one of the above offences within his own penalty-area, a penalty-kick shall be awarded to the opposing team.

9. Spitting at an opponent will not be tolerated, with an immediate dismissal from the game.

10. All free kicks are indirect, with the exception of an intentional foul inside the 12 yard box, referenced in rule 8 above.

11. If the goalie handles the ball outside the 12 yard box, an indirect free kick will be awarded to the opposing team at the spot of the infraction.

12. If a defending player passes back to the goalkeeper and then he/she handles the ball, a free kick will not be awarded. (U8 only)

13. Goal kicks can be taken from any point before the 5 yard line.

14. Opponents must be outside the 12 yard box when a goal kick is taken, defenders can remain in the box or take the kick if desired but the ball must leave the 12 yard box before it is handled again by either team.

15. One coach from each team will be allowed on the field to manage the flow of play during games for the first half of the season. After this coaches can direct the players from the sidelines.

16. No parents are allowed on the field.

17. The goalie shall wear a different colour shirt or pinnie than opposing team.


1. Handshakes between the teams are to occur before the games commences.

2. All players and spectators must sit clearly off the sideline ( 1-2 yards). Players and coaches of both teams are to sit on one side the field and spectators on the opposite side.

3. No parent, coach or spectator may stand behind the net.

4. Coaches, parents and spectators shall not criticize the game officials at any time and shall encourage the same from the players.

5. Code of Conduct rules apply at game night.