BMSA Parent/Player Code of Conduct

Thank you for supporting the Belmont Minor Soccer Association.

As number one fans, you are their biggest support and influence!

As a parent/guardian of a player for Belmont Minor Soccer I will….

…remember that I represent my player, the team, the league, and my community, and will conduct myself accordingly.

…support all efforts to eliminate verbal and physical abuse from the game of soccer by setting a good example.

…treat others (coaches, parents, officials and players) the same way that I would want myself and my child to be treated. I will set the example by showing respect, dignity, and total sportsmanship at all times.

…make soccer participation for my child and others a positive experience. I will keep smiling. I will encourage enjoyment and participation over results.

…be kind to my child's coaches and to the officials. The coach is a volunteer. They give their personal time to provide a recreational activity for my child. If I have an issue with the coach, I will wait until a time when we can speak privately. I will never make a scene in front of the team as it is embarrassing for myself, my child and the coach.

…support the team with my commitment – I will get my child to practice and games on time whenever possible. I will make sure they have their uniform, shin guards, soccer shoes and water bottle. If my child is going to miss a game or a practice, I will let the coaches know in advance if possible. I will ensure my child has had a chance to eat and drink right before, during and after the game. I will use sport as an opportunity to teach responsibilities to my child. I will teach my child or give them the responsibility to pack their own uniform, equipment and water bottle.

…be my child's cheerleader. I will allow the coach to coach, the referee to officiate, and most of all allow my child to play the game. I will encourage good sportsmanship with applause. I will build my child's confidence by identifying a positive from each game or practice. A young player's sense of achievement is the best thing I can support. I will be my child's best fan and support them unconditionally. I will focus on their strengths and encourage them in their efforts.

…provide a positive and supportive example by refraining from criticizing my child or any other child on the field.

…remember that between the exuberance of the winner and the disappointment of the loser, we have the referee. All of them follow the same creed to watch every movement of every player, and to call the game to the best of their ability. I will not openly question their judgment, and never their honesty. They are a symbol of fair play, integrity and sportsmanship. It is not my job (or the players or coaches either) to officiate the game. I will accept the call and move on.

…show respect at all times for the players, the coaching team, referees, and opposing players and coaches. I will be gracious in victory and in defeat and I will encourage my child to do the same.

…remember the big picture. Games have winners and losers. I will remind my child about this reality and the need to deal with both outcomes. Young players should learn to win or lose gracefully, and to remember that doing their best is as important as winning.

BMSA Player Code of Conduct

As a player for Belmont Minor Soccer I will….

... Play by the rules. If you do not understand, ask the coach to explain.

... Remember that you are “part of a team”.

... Cheer “all good plays”. (cheer much louder for your own team!)

... Respect your fellow players, coaches, referees, parents and spectators.

... Control your temper and your emotions while on the field.

... Play for “your” enjoyment - not just to please coaches or parents.

... Tell someone; i.e. your coach or referee if you are injured while playing.

... Inform your coach if you can’t make it to a game or a practice.

... “Winning” is only part of the game.

... .Have fun, make friends, improve your skills and do your best.


The Belmont Minor Soccer Association (“BMSA”) is committed to providing a caring, friendly and safe environment for all our players. Bullying of any kind is unacceptable and will not be tolerated. We are an open Association, meaning that anyone who knows that bullying is happening is expected to tell any member of the Association. The Association is committed to playing its part to teach players to treat each other with respect. If bullying does occur, all incidents will be dealt with promptly and effectively and that player will be removed from the team until a suitable process has been met through the BMSA Anti-Bullying Policy.

BMSA Respect of Officials

While there may be a disagreement with the referee's call on occasion, it is important to remember that the proper venue for those issues is the convener or the President of BMSA. Verbal abuse of game officials will not be tolerated. Under league rules, coaches, players or parents may be removed from the field at the official's discretion should any verbal abuse of game officials occur.

Failure to follow the direction of a game official of Belmont Minor Soccer will result in further action from BMSA.