About Us


President – Kelly Mousseau

Vice President – Andrea Misikowetz 

Treasurer – Heidi Duffield 

Registrar – Dione Hildenbrand 

Sponsorship Coordinator - Kim Gould

Secretary – Julie Watson

Uniform and Equipment Coordinator –  Shane Harkness

Field Maintenance Coordinator – Shane Harkness

Photo Coordinator – Dione Hildenbrand 

Awards Coordinator – Dione Hildenbrand

Coaches  Coordinator – Julie Watson

Referee and Linesman Coordinator – Heidi Duffield 

Communication Director – Willem Verhulst

Committee Coordinator – Julie Watson

Member at Large – Jaclyn Wilson

The BMSA Board of Directors is comprised of volunteer members from the local community who meet on a regular basis to conduct the business of the Club.  In the fall (October) of each year, an annual meeting is held to elect new Board of Directors for the next soccer season.  Our goal is to provide opportunities for all children over the age 3 and under the age of 19 in Belmont’s geographic area to play soccer in a safe environment.  


The Board of Directors is always looking for adult volunteers to serve as Board members or in other volunteer capacities, which may be administrative and clerical in nature and consist of having no knowledge of soccer at all.  Please do not hesitate to contact a Board member if you are at all interested in volunteering.





West London Soccer League: www.westlondonsoccer.com