Little Kicks

The Teams

1. All children must be registered in BMSA's Little Kicks program and are to

play at all times. There are no substitutions.

2. Coaches should ensure that the teams are fairly balanced.

3. Goalies are optional. This may encourage all players a chance for goal


4. Teams will not be required to switch ends at half time.

The Play

1. All games are to be preceded by a 15-minute warm up/stretching session to begin at 9:30am.

2. All games will consist of 2x15 minute halves. Breaks/halftime should be 5-10 minutes.

3. Corner kicks and throw-ins will be avoided to keep the interest of the players.

4. Scores will not be kept. Our main focus is to encourage the activity of soccer.

5. Frequent breaks are to be allowed.

6. Teams will use a size 3 ball.

7. All games will be played at mini field #1

The Conduct

1. We ask that all parents/guardians remain at the field with their respective children at all times. One parent is allowed on the field during play if desired to encourage their children to play.

2. Encourage and emphasize all players on all teams to have fun.