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About Us


President – Garry Van Bommel
Vice President – Terra Leibold
Secretary – Julie Watson
Treasurer – Ken VanDaele
Registrar – Dione Hildenbrand 
Coaches and Photo Coordinator – Karen MacDonald
Uniform and Equipment Coordinator –  Julie Watson, Shabe Harkness, Kelly Mousseau 
Field Maintenance Coordinator – Shane Harkness 
Referee and Linesman Coordinator – Shelly Adams
Communication Director – Willem Verhulst
Awards Coordinator – Dione Hildenbrand
Committee Coordinator – 
Christel Rowland and Julie Watson
Member at Large – Steve Adams, Trent Antle, Abe Giesbrecht, Amy Bartram

The BMSA Board of Directors is comprised of volunteer members from the local community who meet on a regular basis to conduct the business of the Club.  In the fall (October) of each year, an annual meeting is held to elect new Board of Directors for the next soccer season.  Our goal is to provide opportunities for all children over the age 3 and under the age of 19 in Belmont’s geographic area to play soccer in a safe environment.  


The Board of Directors is always looking for adult volunteers to serve as Board members or in other volunteer capacities, which may be administrative and clerical in nature and consist of having no knowledge of soccer at all.  Please do not hesitate to contact a Board member if you are at all interested in volunteering.









Garry Van Bommel

·         Represents the Club at all West London/Western Counties/South London League Meetings and reports all league decisions and issues to BMSA (includes obtaining game sheets)

·         Brings BMSA issues and opinions to the leagues

·         Presides and acts as Chairperson at the Board meetings

·         Reviews and approves Board Meeting Minutes

·         Coordinates activities among Board members

·         Communicates with the community regarding the Club’s programs

·         Recommends new or changes to policy

·         Establishes administrative procedures to ensure club policies are carried out

·         Ensures that the BMSA is managed in accordance with its by-laws, policies, mission statement, etc.

·         Ensures that all decisions and/or directives of the Board are implemented in a timely manner

·         Ensures that the BMSA operations are maintained in a timely and efficient manner

·         Ensures that all Board positions are fulfilled to run the BMSA effectively

·         Appoints committees as required to carry out BMSA business

·         Has signing authority in addition to the Vice-President and Treasurer for the BMSA

·         Authorized to sign cheques with Vice-President and Treasurer


Terra Leibold

·         Acts in the absence of the President for any official Club related activities

·         Assists in the future direction of the Club including planning and oversight

·         Performs tasks as requested by the President

·         Plans, schedules, secures and notifies the Board of upcoming and scheduled meetings (including sending out reminder emails)

·         Prepares Agenda for all Meetings

·         Holds all the records (meeting Minutes, insurance documents and by-laws, etc.)

·         Attends monthly scheduled Board meetings

·         Solicits community organizations for Sponsorships

·         Recruits and coordinates all volunteers (except coaches) to assist in the Board’s operations as required

·         Fills any other volunteer positions as directed by the Board (including special committees)

·         Submits team placements, payments, coach info, rosters and any other required paper work to the league

·         Obtains Insurance Certificates

·         Looks after finding Convenors for U6, U8, U10, U12-U18 Girls, U12-U18 Boys

·         Submits Administration/Board List to West and South London in November

·         Emails Renewal & Survey Forms to Western Counties in December

·         Has signing authority in addition to the President and Treasurer for the BMSA

·         Authorized to sign cheques with President and Treasurer


Ken Van Daele

·         Implements and/or maintains the bookkeeping system and accounting processes required to provide a detailed set of records on income and expenditure of the BMSA

·         Responsible for day-to-day bookkeeping and handling of accounts payable/receivable issues

·         Keeps on hand all petty cash, receipts, financial records and other documents of the BMSA

·         Produces a monthly/year end Banking Statement (at Annual General Meeting in October)

·         Pays bills that are within the approved limits of the BMSA

·         Maintains a bank account/statements in BMSA’s name and deposits money into same

·         Makes books and accounts available to any members of the Board

·         Authorized to sign cheques with President and Vice- President


Dione Hildenbrand

·         Implements and/or maintains the BMSA registration process to ensure an accurate and timely registration

·         Manages registration logistics for Registration (including determining registration dates, fees, securing a registration facility and communicating same to Board members)

·         Orders Registration Forms (including medical, waiver/release, sponsorship, referee and coaching forms)

·         Creates promotional material (advertisement/flyers) and arranges distribution of materials to residents and school locations to support registration awareness

·         Manages registration funds and ensure timely coordination with the Treasurer (Master Registration List Established)

·         Maintains a database of all currently registered players as well as past players

·         Registrars Teams to West London and South London (by April 1st)

·         Coordinates mail-in registrations and maintain a P.O. Box for all Registration Forms

·         Provides Uniform Coordinator with Team Lists with uniform sizes

·         Provides Board members with Team Lists for each age group to assist in the formation of teams

·         Develops a List of Volunteers (Coaches, Linesmen, Referees)

·         Reports player registration numbers to South London





Julie Watson

·         Books the HUB and obtains keys for upcoming Board meetings

·         Records Minutes of all BMSA meetings (including meeting time, date, location, attendance, Board votes and highlights of key discussions)

·         Distributes Minutes to all Board members

Uniform and Equipment Coordinator


Julie Watson, Shane Harkness, Kelly Mousseau

·         Responsible to provide and manage the necessary equipment and uniforms required by BMSA to operate its soccer program

·         Evaluates and establishes relationships with equipment suppliers as required

·         Establishes an equipment budget for each fiscal year

·         Keeps accurate inventory of all equipment owned by BMSA

·         Places equipment and uniform orders

·         Manages the receipt and return of merchandise

·         Works with the Treasurer to ensure timely payments of supplies

·         Works with Field Maintenance Coordinator to determine needs for field equipment (goals, nets, weight bags, flags) and places orders when needed

·         Works with Coaches Coordinator to determine needs for coaching (balls, pinnies, cones, mesh bags, goalie shirts and gloves)

·         Works with Referee and Linesman Coordinator to determine needs for refereeing (uniforms, whistles, etc.)

Field Maintenance Coordinator

Shane Harkness

·         Manages upkeep and maintenance of soccer fields

·         Ensures fields are properly lined, goals secured and nets affixed in preparation of and during the season

·         Is the point of contact for town officials and/or school officials as it relates to scheduling fields and facilitates for team practices, games and tournaments

·         Oversees practice scheduling, game scheduling and conflicts  

·         Attends any meetings held by town officials and/or school officials relating to facilitates utilized by BMSA

·         Maintains inventory for field supplies for recreational programs and facilitates ordering new supplies/equipment such as goals, nets, etc.

·         Works with Central Elgin in organizing the Club’s game schedule, practices, allocating fields for such and resolving conflicts

·         Maintains maps of field locations and driving direction to the fields

·         Registrars fields to West London

Photo Coordinator

Karen MacDonald

·         Organizes/Schedules Soccer Pictures

·         Scouts out locations with the photographer and makes the necessary contacts to rent the space chosen

·         Ensures all players have their photo envelopes and that they have filled them out on the day of the photo shoot

·         Ensures all aspects of the shoot is running smoothly.   During the shoot makes sure all players have what they need and that the shoot stays on schedule

·         Oversees the development and delivery of pictures to the players

Awards Coordinator

Dione Hildenbrand

·         Obtains competitive quotes from suppliers for both the awards and engraving and presents same to the Board for approval  

·         Plans, orders and distributes the medals/trophies at the end of the season/year end Banquet

·         Obtains accurate players’ lists to ensure that the right number of awards are available and that the information on each award is correct

·         Ensures that the medals/trophies are ready on time

·         Responsible for the implementation and delivery of the Tim Hortons Little Kicks Program, when they do sponsor us

Coaches Coordinator

Karen MacDonald

·         Responsible for establishing the strategic framework for coach development for BMSA

·         Provides and supports a clear philosophy about player development and coach behaviour (age appropriate coaching and positive relations with parents, other coaches, referees and sportsmanship)

·         Ability to provide direction to others

·         Develops a Coaches Package as a guide for the coaches to include (team lists, game sheets, registration form and medical, snack schedule, photo envelopes, soccer drills, parent code of conduct, Player Evaluation Form, Emergency Contacts)

·         Schedules Coaches Breakfast

·         Ensures that every coach is equipped with coaching aids/tools

·         Recruits and Prepares Coaches

·         Responsible for ensuring adequate Police Checks are completed of the coaches

·         Plans the collection of all coaches’ equipment at end of season to facilitate inventory and establish reorder requirements

Referee and Linesman Coordinator

Shelly Adams

·         Coordinates the scheduling of referees to assure appropriate game coverage

·         Makes sure all games are staffed with certified referees

·         Assigns games fairly and evenly throughout the referee roster

·         Reports to the Board with any problems regarding individual referees

·         Communicates with Field Coordinator regarding game schedule changes and then schedules field staff accordingly

·         Maintains accurate records regarding referee assignment throughout the season, including mentoring program and no shows and share info with Board

·         Provides knowledge to coaches and players regarding the Rules of the Game as needed

·         Holds a Referee Certification Course (Clinic) yearly and keeps record of who attends  

·         Pays referees (compensation)

·         Communicates with the referees each season to promote BMSA policies and rule changes

·         Keeps record of referees who attend Clinic in a database

Communication Director

Willem Verhulst


·         Develops and maintains the BMSA website by keeping it current

·         Updates website to reflect upcoming meetings, start of season, training, league meetings readily available, List of current Board of Directors etc.

Committee Coordinator

Christel Rowland and Julie Watson

·         Year End Banquet/Fun Day


West London Soccer League: www.westlondonsoccer.com

Southend Recreational Soccer League: www.southendsoccer.ca