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The play

1. All games will consist of 2x15 minute halves with a 5-10 minute break for halftime. Intermittent breaks for hot weather upon coaches agreement.
2. All games will be preceded by a 15 minute practice starting at 6:30 p.m. to be imediately followed by a game. Games should start no later then 6:50p.m.
3. The home team (the team named first in the schedule) will decide which end to defend and the coaches will start the game.
4. The coaches will referee the game while encouraging each player on the field.
5. Ball size for all games and practices will be SIZE 3 BALL.
6. Throw-ins will be afforded a second opportunity for retake if first try incorrect.(i.e. Foot foul )
7. Penalty/Corner kicks awarded upon decretion of the coaches.
8. If any player commits any of the following offences coaches will stop play and emind the child of the importance of fair play in sport:
    8.1. Kicks or attempts to kick an opponent.
    8.2. Trips or attempts to trip an opponent.
    8.3. Jumps at an opponent.
    8.4. Charges an opponent.
    8.5. Strikes or attempts to strike an opponent.
    8.6. Holds an opponent.
    8.7. Pushes an opponent.
    8.8. Handles the ball deliberately, (except a goalkeeper from within his own penalty area).
Spitting at an opponent can not be tolerated, coaches will stop the game and discuss the inappropriate behaviour with player and parent.
9. The goalie shall wear a different colour shirt or pinnie.